Top Ten Fishing Lures

Choosing the most effective fishing lures is a prerequisite to a successful catch at sea. The kind of lure you would require depends on the waters you are fishing, the time of the year and the weather. There is a plethora of fishing lures available, all in different shapes, sizes and colors. There are some lures that are used by most fishermen in order to ensure a successful fishing venture.

Surface lures are lures that are retrieved along the surface of the water. These are fun to use as the fish literally jumps out of the water to take in the lure. These lures are particularly useful in waters that have a lot weeds since they only remain on the surface of the water. Surface lures are available in all shapes and sizes and you should pick the one that best meets your requirements and purpose.

Another category of fishing lures is spoons. These are made of metal and resemble spoons. They wobble when put in water and this attracts fish. Spoons are relatively cheap and simple to use, especially for beginners. Spinners are also fishing lures that have a blade that rotates and this motion gives a reflection of the light flickering off fish scales in the water. The speed at which you recoup the spinner can be altered to make it look like an injured fish. Large spinners work well for a pike but smaller ones do a better job for mullets or trout. Jerk baits do not have a motion of their own can be jerked by the user and brought to life like a wounded fish. You put them in the water you are fishing in, and make jerky movements to make it look like an attractive injured fish to the fish you are trying to catch.

Soft baits are made of rubber and may resemble long worms or frogs. These are used along with a weighted jig head and are made to retreat slowly or in a jerky motion. Floating drivers can sink into the water and reach a depth of 15 feet or more. A lure with a larger angle will move to a deeper level than one with a smaller angle. The type of lure you use depends on the depth of the fish you are targeting.

Light standard casting lures are used to catch a wide variety of fish. These include bass fish that can be caught at a medium retrieval speed. These are generally used to catch freshwater fish of lightweight species. Heavy standard casting lures are used to catch heavy fish like bass and walleye. These also come in a number of shapes, sizes and colors. Jigging lures are used for long casting and catch anything from tuna to pike. Deadly diamond lures are small in size and lightweight and are used to catch small fish. Light reflecting from the diamond-shaped top attracts fish. These are normally used for walleye and crappy, but can be used for other small species too.